Combi Boilers

Combi-Boilers are state of the art boilers designed to provide on-demand hot water as well a central heating system for your home. Unlike conventional boilers, combi-boilers serve two functions simultaneously providing value to UK’s residents.

About 70% of UK homeowners choose combi boilers over conventional boilers citing its efficiency and compact design as the key desirable features. Combi boilers are hooked to your mains water supply and provide instant hot water on demand.

Unlike other classic boilers, you do not have to wait a couple minutes to enjoy a hot shower. Simply switch on the boiler and your hot water supply will be ready instantly.

Advantages of a Combi-Boiler

  • 2 in one function – Combi boilers provide your home with instant hot water supply while heating your home. The boiler forms the central heating point in your home from which heat is distributed to your entire house.
  • High efficiency – Combi boilers have a 90% efficiency rating. Compared to other boilers with a rating of 55% -80%, they run smoothly without consuming a lot of energy.
  • Compact design – Combi boilers provide hot water on demand. They do not feature a storage tank hence require minimal space for installation. If you are living in a house with limited space, a combi boiler is your best choice.
  • Quick to install – Combi boilers have minimal parts to install. This makes it easy and much faster to install. After installation, you have your hot water supply ready in a matter of seconds.
  • Save on energy bills – Due to their high-efficiency rating, combi boilers consume less energy compared to other boilers. This helps you save on energy bills.
  • Hot water on demand – Unlike conventional boilers that store hot water in a tank before supplying your home, combi boilers heat water as it flows through its system from the mains. This means you are only supplied with hot water as long as you need it. The moment you switch off your hot water tap, water supply into the boiler stops.
  • Mains pressure supply of hot water – If your home has high-pressure mains water supply, you will enjoy the same pressure for your hot water. This is because the boiler is supplied with water directly from the mains supply.

Disadvantages of a Combi-Boiler

  • Limited use – Combi boilers can only serve single users at a time.
  • Supply depends on mains pressure – Combi boilers do not feature water pumps but rely on mains pressure for water supply. If your mains pressure is low, your hot water pressure will also be low.
  • No storage tanks – If something goes wrong, your hot water supply is cut off immediately. This is due to lack of a storage tank that guarantees a constant supply of hot water.


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