Mailmark Franking

If you’re mailing anything from billing statements to packages you should be aware of Mailmark, the new postal franking that will make your life easier, no matter what size your business is. Postal franking is the application and presence of any markings (including postage stamps) accepted and recognised by the postal system which shows that the sufficient fees for the class of mail services your item is being sent.

A lot of people confuse stamping and franking, but there are some importance differences between them. The biggest difference between stamping and franking is that stamp duty is a kind of tax that denotes that the documents are legal and official, while franking is an indication that any charges or taxes, like the stamp duty, on the items you’re mailing have been paid.

What is Mailmark ?

The existing frank mark is being replaced so the Royal Mail has introduced a new mail preparation product, Mailmark. The new frank mark has a 2D barcode, looks different, and brings with it a lot of opportunity. A new visual identifier shows the class and format of the mail and has the “Delivered By Royal Mail” carrier mark.

Mailmark provides ways for you to receive information automatically to your franking machine. It also allows more efficient access to services, including barcodes. The barcodes have been included with the mark to provide that data that is more useful to both you and the Royal Mail. The new mark provides more room for your logo and information which your business can take advantage of. The indicators of class, price and carrier are clearer now too. And, new franking machines use LAN connectivity, so you won’t need an analogue line for data exchange.

Franking Savings

You can save your business money no matter how much mail you send because when you use a Mailmark franking machine you’ll get the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking services. Of course, there will be expenses like the cost of buying or leasing themachine, as well as ongoing costs like print cartridges and other expendables. But even if you only send a few pieces of mail a week, you’ll soon see a cost savings for your business. You can be sure that you’ll always get the best price because your franking machine will automatically receive pricing updates.

Volume, Volume, Volume

The latest Mailmark franking machines can quickly and accurately process large amounts of mail with even the most basic of models offering efficiency and savings. Your business saves time because the machines allow you to choose the Royal Mail services you need whether you’re sending items in the UK or internationally.

Size Doesn’t Matter

One of the best things about Mailmark franking machines is that the size of the item doesn’t matter. Mailmark franking machines are able accommodate anything from letters to larger packages with ease. A Mailmark franking machine is an excellent way for business small and large to track and pay for their postage.



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