Ariston – Boilers and Heating Solutions


Ariston is considered a global expert in heating solutions, providing consumers all over the world with high quality, energy efficient solutions, a result of the company’s innovative Italian design capabilities. Because of its global expertise and profound understanding of consumer needs, Ariston continues to be trusted by millions of families, providing its products in over 150 countries.

About the Company

Ariston is a renowned boiler manufacturer with a long, respected history in the hot water and heat industry. The company has been operating for over 50 years (30 in the UK) and today manufactures an extensive range of boilers and hot water solutions well suited for households of all sizes. Ariston has earned its fair share of awards, including the prestigious GOOD DESIGN™, the 67th edition in two categories – “Building materials” and “Bath & Accessories” for their electric instant water heater and its constant temperature technology.

About the Ariston Boilers

Ariston manufactures Combi gas boilers (CLAS Net One, Clas HE Evo, E-Combi EVO and CLAS One), system boilers (E-System One, CLAS System One, CLAS HE System EVO and E-System EVO) and regular (CLAS HE Regular) boilers, available in varying outputs.

Ariston Range of Products

In addition to its boilers, Ariston provides a variety of complementary controllers, maximising energy efficiency, meaning reduced utility bills. These quality products also make a homeowner’s life a lot simpler and much more convenient. Additional range of products include electric water heaters, hot water cylinders, air source heat pump cylinders and solar thermal.

Customers can be feel confident of Ariston’s commitment to superior quality due in part to the industry leading warranties they carry on their boilers. For example, the company’s Clas HE evo boiler is backed by a standard 12-year warranty, a sign of the boiler’s rigorous testing practices and reliability.