Atag – Boilers and Heating Technology


ATAG has a long history of designing and manufacturing boilers. Thanks to their driven research and development team, the company continues to take great pride in the reliability and energy efficiency of their heating products.

About the Company

Based in the Netherlands, ATAG has been manufacturing top-quality heating products for almost 70 years. In 1983 The company shifted its focus, concentrating exclusively on manufacturing highly-efficient heating products. In 2001 ATAG started to actively do business in the UK. In 2013, they released their iCon heat exchanger, the heart of all their boilers today. The ATAG iCon heat exchange is truly unique. Made with high grade stainless steel, this boiler outperforms anything else on the market and is covered by a lifetime replacement guarantee. ATAG is an award-winning company as well and was voted ‘best boiler’ in the Netherlands for 7 consecutive years.

About the ATAG Boilers

ATAG designs and manufactures a range of superior quality gas boilers, including their regular, Combi and system boilers. There are two ATAG Combi boilers, the iC Economiser Combi boilers and iC Combi boiler. The iC Combination boiler is highly energy efficient and compact and available in a range of sizes to accommodate any size of home. The iC Economiser is the company’s most prized accomplishments, using technology that recycles residual heat, putting what would otherwise be wasted energy to use.

ATAG Range of Products

Besides their state of the art boilers, ATAG carries related accessories that include controllers, their iSteel twin coil cylinders, iSteel unvented cylinders and iSteel vented cylinders.

Whatever your home needs when it comes to efficient, sustainable heating, ATAG has the perfect boiler for you. All of their boilers offer superior quality solutions that are reliable, efficient and sure to fit your home. ATAT boilers will also save you money on gas bills – a definite plus.