ATL Telecom – Phone Systems & Network Operator Support


Atl Telecom carries an excellent range of high quality phone systems and other products designed to support major network operators. They’ve worked with leading companies throughout the UK.

About the Company

A privately-owned company, Atl Telecom specialises in voice products within the telecommunications industry. Over the years the company has grown to be one of the UK’s leading voice product suppliers. ATL’s primary focus has been to expand its phone system portfolio to meet the needs of the education, hotel, SME’s, private and public sectors.

About the Phone Systems

Atl’s phone systems are too many to list here, but include the Berkshire 100 and Berkshire 600. Atl also carries numerous VoIP phone systems that include the IP-3032E PoE Standard+ IP phone, IP-3072 PoE Smart Office IP phone, the IP-3032 PoE Standard IP phone, IP-3062 PoE Professional IP phone and more.

Range of Products

Atl features phone systems and other related voice focused products that provide the latest, up to date convergence and state of the art DSL Technologies. Their products range from standard analogue phones to synchronous, high speed services. The company is known as a leading phone system supplier of a wide range of solutions for IP architecture and their exceptional analogue devices. Product solutions that they carry include the Delta 40, G.SHDSL, POTS, ADSL, ADSL2+ and more.

Bottom line, Atl is a company that is committed to delivering cost-effective phone system solutions, satisfying their customer’s quality standards and technical requirements. Consumers have reported having confidence in the company’s sales support team and the reliable and fast technical support services.