Avaya – Telephone Systems and Cloud Based Business Solutions

Avaya is a global leader in the field of telephone systems and cloud business solutions. They offer a range of flexible solutions to help streamline your business’ communications and ensure your customers have the best possible experience.

About the Company

Avaya takes pride in offering a wide selection of communications software solutions for businesses. These solutions are innovative, open and adaptable depending on the customer’s needs. Some of the Avaya company values are inclusivity, integrity and quality – and these all reflect in the company’s policies and products.

Avaya recognises that businesses strive to create positive experiences for their customers, and believes in helping your business succeed in making a strong impact on its customers. Simply satisfying your customers is one thing, but going above and beyond for them is another. Products offered by Avaya helps you to deliver excellent service.

About the Phone Systems

Avaya OneCloud is a flexible cloud platform offered to businesses and is a unique solution that is individually tailored to your business’ needs. The Avaya cloud products can be adapted to suit small businesses, middle-level businesses and even enterprises. You are presented with lots of different options, functions and customisation opportunities in order to ensure your cloud solution is perfect for your business.

Avaya also offers unified communications solutions, contact centre solutions and a range of other communications services. They also supply different types of telephone system equipment such as desktop phones, headsets and more. This means that Avaya can provide comprehensive solutions to your business telephone system needs.

Website: www.avaya.com