Boiler Service

While most households cannot do without a boiler, its importance is quickly forgotten as long as there is warmth in the house. Many homeowners pay little attention to how their boilers are functioning until when they stop functioning. It is recommended you service your boiler at least once a year the best time being time right after summer and in preparation for winter.
However, paying close attention to how your boiler is performing will help you detect any abnormalities or inconsistencies as soon as they start and get these sorted ASAP. Remember boilers run on energy; electric, gas or solar and it would be catastrophic to have gas leaks or open electric cables in your boiler.
Regular servicing takes care of these and more including:

1. Guaranteed safety in use of the boiler. Whether your boiler operates on solid fuel, electricity or gas, you want to avoid fire and related risks by making sure all connections are properly done and in place. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also a risk as people die from gas poisoning as a result of poor and faulty gas connections and equipment.

2. High efficiency – A properly functioning boiler is more fuel efficient compared to a faulty one. It takes less time to heat water as opposed to one with a few mechanical issues. Always service regularly to keep its efficiency at its best.

3. Increased lifetime – While boilers can last a long time, the length of time depends on how well you service your boiler. A well-serviced boiler will provide more lifespan service giving you a good service on your investment.

4. Avoid break down – The worst that can happen to any household is their boiling breaking down especially during winter. Before this gets fixed, your household will have to endure cold days and nights characterised with shivers. It would be awful to subject your family to this out of sheer ignorance. Service your boiler regularly to ensure a warm and happy home.

5. Stay compliant with boiler cover requirements – Home insurance cover includes claims on your boiler. If you want these paid when your boiler is in need of repair or replacement, you will have to provide documented proof of servicing your boiler at least once a year. Otherwise, any claim on your boiler and you haven’t been servicing it will not be honoured. Same applies to warranties. Some companies/manufacturers require proof that you service your boiler before making any compensation as per the warranty issued.

6. Minimise or eliminate boiler repairs – By servicing your boiler regular, you are able to have all parts and systems functioning properly. This reduces stress on any part that may cause wear and tear requiring repair or replacement. You get to enjoy a reliable boiler and save money on frequent repairs.

A boiler is a much-needed heating system in a household. Being keen on service ensures you protect your loved ones, keep them safe and warm especially during harsh winters. Stay current on your service schedules to enjoy a reliable and long-serving boiler.



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