Solar Panels

More and more people are looking to switch to renewable, green sources of energy. As fossil fuel supplies are waning, relying on coal, gas and oil is even more expensive. Solar energy is one option, and the benefits extend beyond being a more environmentally friendly choice.

So what is solar energy? To summarise, the powerful radiation from the sun is converted into usable energy. Critics of solar energy argue that it is expensive (especially set-up investment) and also that it is inefficient. However, technology is constantly improving, and solar energy is more efficient today than it has ever been. The demand is at an all-time high. Why are more and more people switching to solar energy?

Financial Savings

There is potential to save huge amounts of money by installing solar panels on your house. Not only that, but the average payback time of fewer than 10 years means that it isn’t long before the reductions to monthly cost match the initial expenses of going solar. You can also lease solar panels if you cannot afford the start-up price, this scheme is known as pay-as-you-go solar. The solar company provider takes care of everything (installing and maintaining the system, etc.) and you pay them directly for the energy used. This is significantly less than you would pay a utility company.

With solar energy, you can even earn money from the energy you produce and export. It will also increase your home value – homes with their own solar panels are more appealing to the market, and on average sell for a higher price. Being able to guarantee the costs of electricity for the future offers good reassurance, too. With fluctuating electricity prices which appear to be on the rise, you can be independent of the National Grid, and know exactly how much electricity will be generated and what it will cost for at least the next 20 years. Unlike dependence on utility companies, you know that solar energy is a secure investment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One attractive benefit to solar energy, aside from the financial bonuses, is significantly reducing your carbon footprint. The carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels are hurting our planet and destroying the ozone layer. Environmentally, solar energy is incredibly clean, and ultimately our fossil fuels are a finite source. One day they will run out (and with current rates of consumption, it won’t be long); solar energy gives you another opportunity to become independent from coal, oil and gas. In addition, as fossil fuels become rarer, the prices will just continue to increase. Choosing solar energy will mean you have a comparatively inexpensive and safe source of power.

Solar energy is easy, reliable, eco-friendly, and a way to save money in various ways (as well as a prospect for earning back money, too). Non-renewable energy will only get more inaccessible and pricey, and solar energy is an efficient way to become less independent on the National Grid and fossil fuels. The initial investment is high, but the payback time is relatively short, and now there are schemes such as pay-as-you-go solar. Switching to solar energy has never been more convenient, and it is the power source of the future.



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