Biasi – Boilers and Raidiators

BiasiBiasi is a leading manufacturer of affordable, energy efficient domestic heating solutions. Along with their more than 75 years of manufacturing experience, Biasi has a reputation for quality, reliability and performance.

About the Company

In the 1930’s, Leopoldo Biasi founded Biasi, at the time a thermomechanical production facility in Pordenone Italy. In1986 gas boilers were added to the company’s product list. In the 1990s, Biasi UK was created and since then it has gone on to become a leading heating solution provider. Today the company sells to to over 40 markets worldwide. Biasi is a member of the Benchmark Scheme and Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, additional advantages for their customer’s peace of mind.

About the Biasi Boilers

In the UK, Biasi offers a range of domestic Combi boilers – Inovia Combi ERP (25kW/30kW/35kW models), Advance Plus Combi ERP (25kW/30kW/35kW Models), Riva Plus Combi ERP (24kW/28kW models) and Inovia System ERP (25kW models). Biasi’s system range includes the Inovia System ERP (25kW model), the Advance Plus System ERP (16kW 25kW & 30kW models) and Riva Plus System ERP (24kW/28kW models). All Biasi products are affordable (especially if you consider how much you’ll be able to save on heating bills), easy to use and have a convenient, compact design.

Biasi Range of Products

Along with their range of residential boilers, Biasi UK Ltd.’s products include central heating radiators, towel warmers, unvented cylinders and other accessories.

Biasi continues to be at the forefront when it comes to providing superior quality heating solutions and new product development. They continue to meet benchmark standards, an important consideration when shopping for boilers.