Broag Remeha – Commercial Boilers and Heating Systems

Broag Remeha
Broag Remeha manufactures commercial heating products, known for their ultra-low NOx, high performance solutions. The company’s mission is to provide superior quality boilers and other solutions that meet society’s heating needs, while at the same time help create a more sustainable future.

About the Company

A Netherlands based company, Broag was founded by Gerard van Reekum in 1935 in Holland. The company provided the UK’s first commercial condensing boiler and it quickly became the leader in the UK for its condensing technology. In 1984 Broag was purchased by Remeha, a part of the Baxi Heating company in the UK. They are a BDR Thermea Group company, a world leader in sustainable solutions, providing heating solutions to over 70 countries worldwide. Broag Remeha has earned its fair share of awards and was the finalist in the H&V News Award 2018.

About the Broag Remeha Boilers

Broag Remeha’s boilers have earned an excellent reputation for efficiency and sustainability. Their wall hung range of condensing boilers includes Broag the Quinta Ace160 boilers (34.6kW/161.5kW) and Quinta Pro (8.9kW/114kW) boilers. The company’s floor standing range includes the 110 Eco (13kW/114kW), Gas 210 Eco Pro (16kW/200kW), Gas 220 Ace (31kW/311kW) and Gas 310/610 Eco Pro (51kW/1202kW). They also have P Series range of sectional, three-pass cast iron boilers suitable for use with light oil, gas, dual fuel and bio-fuel via a pressure jet burner for industrial and commercial applications. The Broag Remeha range of accessories includes hot water cylinders, boiler cascades, controls, flues and boiler rig systems.

Broag Remeha Range of Products

Besides their boilers, the company’s range of products include Remeha Fusion 35kW Gas Absorption Heat Pump, a proven low-NOx, low carbon heating solution. Their Remeha R-Gen Combination Heat and Power (CHP) range is a sustainable solution that provides highly-efficient heat and power for applications that involve consistent electricity and heating.

The Broag Remeha range of clean commercial heating products has earned its exceptional reputation as an ethical company that consistently focuses on and delivers high quality heating products.