Brother – Phone Systems and Work Smarter Solutions

Part of the successful international Brother Group, Brother UK provides technology solutions for businesses striving to optimise productivity and allow you to work more efficiently. Brother UK offers a diverse range of products and services, all designed to help maximise your business’ potential.

About the Company

Brother Group has an extensive history, and was first established over 100 years ago in Nagoya, Japan. The first European Brother base was founded in 1958 in Ireland. In 1968, Brother UK opened its first British base in Manchester, taking over the Jones Sewing Machine Factory. Originally, Brother produced a very wide range of products, including motorbikes and typewriters.

One of the products that helped grow Brother UK’s fame was its sewing machines, which are still sold to this day. Brother is committed to operating responsibly in order to help your business work smarter. There are different communications and production related solutions and products offered to achieve this.

About the Phone Systems

Brother has a range of fax machines, photocopiers and printers available in their range so that your company can be sure they are using the most up-to-date, efficient models. Brother also offers other types of office and business equipment, and business connectivity solutions as well, such as cloud software helping to connect mobile and tablet systems and digital telephone systems.

Brother UK has won design awards for its printers and is a well-regarded, reputable and established supplier for businesses. Businesses looking for innovative products/solutions can be matched with products based on the industry they work in when browsing Brother UK’s website, helping you to find the best offers for your particular needs.