Web Design Costs

Currently, there is an endless number of sites on the web, and that’s because we’re fully immersed in the digital age. There has never been a better opportunity to create an online business, or target the masses. But, many people don’t realise that online ventures still require some investment.

Owning your own space on the internet doesn’t come for free, and there are plenty of factors that contribute to the overall cost of building a website. Now, the price often varies depending on the industry you’re in, or the type of site that you want. So, we’re going to talk you through the costs of a few different options…

Brochure Website

This is the most basic type of website that you can acquire. This form of a site has been around for years, and many people love the idea of a simplistic, minimalistic design to give them an online footprint. They’re designed to give you a presence on the web, and provide any visitors with key information that they’d need.

As they don’t include any complex features or additional widgets, you can opt for a much cheaper design template. Although, if you’re using a brochure website as a starting point, then ensure your template can accommodate expansion. Typically, you’ll just have to pay for your domain, hosting, design and the web designer.

PRICE GUIDE: £500 – £3000

E-commerce Website

If you’re seeking to open up an online store, then you’re going to need to get an e-commerce website built. Before you start looking into prices, it’s important that you treat your online store the same you would as a brick-and-mortar one; if you compromise on quality, you’ll generate a much smaller amount of sales.

So, construct a site that is secure, user-friendly and attractive, and then get the e-commerce aspect added to it. Therefore, you’ll incur the costs of getting a site built, and then you’ll usually pay more for the extra functions and a web designer that is familiar with a platform like Shopify.

PRICE GUIDE: £1000 – £5,000

Bespoke Website

Larger businesses that rely heavily on their online presence would benefit greatly from a bespoke website. It will allow you to stand out from the crowd, and provide your customers with a unique experience that they won’t find anywhere else. Ultimately, it is a type of site that is tailored specifically to one business, and one business only.

Interactive functions should be included to increase engagement, a personalised design should be created, and fast hosting should be utilised to improve usability. Bespoke websites don’t come cheap, and you’ll usually pay a lot more than most other websites.
PRICE GUIDE: £2,500 – £12,000

Return on Investment

As a website is an investment, it’s vital to implement data-tracking into your site and measure your ROI frequently. You’d calculate this by analysing the amount you spend or continue to spend, and the number of sales you’re producing through the site. With e-commerce, it’s rather easy as it’s sales based, but with other types of business, you’d normally look at the referrals, leads or new clients you’re seeing.



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