Fleet Card Apps

Using fuel card apps can take away the stress of needing to find fuel companies that will accept your fuel card, and generally the apps you find come equipped with a GPS guidance system, assisting in the navigation towards the fuel source of your choosing, and let’s face it, we all get lost from time to time, and it’s a horrible feeling. There are also numerous other benefits that we could mention, which increase the reasons and efficacy of having a go-to fuel card app that you implement into your company. Detailed expense reporting, all fuel costs lumped into one monthly invoice, the ability of having your employees simply using the fuel card, instead of having to dole out cold, hard cash hand over fist, and more than anything, fuel cards are more frugal and assist with time management.

Having a regularly used app allows your company and vehicle-operating personnel to be organized from the start. Assisting with every trip, fuel card apps let you type in the route you’re navigating, or going to navigate, and will then advise you of all companies that will accept your company’s card along the way with the utmost ease and simplicity, diminishing driver anxiety.

What this means for you is that not only are you more organised, but you can quickly and efficiently avoid wasting any time while attempting to locate a fuel source that will accept your fuel card. We all know that time is money, even more so for a small business, and having a simple, yet effective fuel card app will take away quite a bit of the stress and anxiety of needing to fuel all of your company’s vehicles. We all use GPS already, and now your company can use GPS and know, with an added sense of security and stability, which business will accept your fuel card and which will not. Your drivers will definitely be thankful and appreciative.

Another useful and greatly beneficial aspect of having a fuel card app is how you can filter the fuel company you need to go to. For instance, if you’re burning the midnight oil, or driving in the wee early morning hours and are in need of fuel, post-haste, you can usually instigate a ‘24 hour’ filter to identify the closes tall-night fuel companies, which can make the difference between fuelling up effectively, or running out of fuel mid-route. The ability to find fuel sources nearby means that you can not only more effectively plan routes but can also adapt more rapidly and fluidly in the event of a fuel emergency.

A fuel card app can assist in even the direst, most horrible worst-case scenarios, and ensures that your drivers aren’t stranded due to no fuel. Being stranded, at three in the morning, in the middle of nowhere, is probably one of the more horrible feelings to the human psyche. Take care of your drivers and they’ll reciprocate the sentiment. A business that takes care of its employees is always more successful than one that doesn’t.



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