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Please choose from our range of business products and services.

When buying for modern business, there is constantly new and improved technology to make the process faster and easier than ever. Everything today is technologically boosted for convenience: from innovative digital telephone systems, to online merchants that streamline the purchasing process. Buying for your business has never been more simple.

Yet, the service we provide at 4quotes4me manages to make the process even shorter, and reduces all unnecessary hassle. Finding the right businesses to sell and lease products and equipment is not difficult with our quotation service: we grant you access to up to four of the best quotes on the market. Just like that.

Products and Services

  • Telephone systems

From businesses running from a single office and a handful of employees, to ones spread across various locations boasting a large number of staff, there is a telephone system out there that meets your business’ individual requirements. We will find you reliable, flexible telephone systems for your specific needs, and can be configured based on both current business size and expected growth.

Our online quote form will tell you how much it will cost to replace your existing telephone system, or to install a brand new one. We will connect you to your local telephone system provider, and find you the best quotes on buying or leasing systems, and if need be – one designed for your particular business.

  • Coffee machines

In order to keep your staff’s performance at its peak, allowing them to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee, or to take a much-needed coffee break between their work can be a huge boost in productivity. But if you are looking to install a coffee machine at your office, you will want one that will survive the wear-and-tear of frequent use. Nothing would be worse than investing in a machine that then breaks down at the first sign of heavy usage. 4quotes4me will give you instant quotes on coffee machines that are appropriate for all office sizes, and will make a world of difference to your working environment.

  • Merchant services

For a large amount of businesses, merchant services are a vital aspect – so you want to get it right. Merchant services allow you to take payments from credit and debit cards in various ways. It doesn’t matter how you plan to take your payments: whether it’s through your website, over a telephone call, or in person with your clients, you need merchant services that won’t let you down. We help you find merchant services that are reliable and don’t cost a small fortune – giving you lower outlay and allowing payments to flow smoothly to your business.

Why use us? About our service

We will send you up to four quotes instantly and free of charge. The quotation form can be completed in mere moments; information on suppliers and price comparison is literally a click away. Or if you’d prefer to talk to someone directly, you can call our team at 0845 838 7095 to find out the great offers on telephone systems, coffee machines and merchant services that you could be missing out on. No need to call around or look into different suppliers; 4quotes4me makes buying for your business and finding the best quotes simple and straight to the point.