Buying Office Furniture

When it comes to kitting out offices, companies have different preferences on how/where to purchase the furniture from, or what to prioritise. There are different reasons why a company would want new office furniture: to appear more professional, to replace old/damaged furniture, to boost productivity of workers, or to address health and safety concerns.

Online or Showroom

The first question is – where? Online, or at the shop? Going to a local shop to browse furniture in person does have its merits – you instantly know exactly what the furniture would look like, as photographs can be misleading, and you can also ensure the quality and size. However, online ordering is a better option for most companies: there is a wider selection of types and styles of furniture, there are often deals on shipping when ordering large quantities, and you can compare and contrast different products and customer reviews with greater ease. Going to a shop is, by comparison, time-consuming and annoying, and today there are thousands of options for where to order your office furniture online.

What the office furnishing kit must include depends on the extent of refurbishment – if it is the replacement of old or missing furniture or a complete office makeover. If a company decides to go with the latter, it can help to hire a refurbishment company, who can help bring the vision to life. The different types of furniture that may be needed in the office may include desks, chairs and storage units (including bookshelves, cupboards and filing cabinets). Some companies may also desire sofas/benches, a reception desk (and waiting area seating), tables and chairs to outfit the boardroom, a furnished staffroom, and so on. Another consideration would be if the office is open-plan, or if the company wants to buy privacy screens for the desks.

It is recommended to budget for the essentials to begin with, and then consider any extras and what the benefits could be. This will be very specific to each individual company. For example, a company that relies heavily on staff collaboration may want to furnish a relaxed meeting area. Companies should double-check quantities before ordering to ensure that all employees are accommodated and accounted for, and ensure that time is allocated to allow for the removal of old furniture before the new furniture is delivered. In order for the process of refurbishment to go smoothly, lots of planning and preparation is imperative.

Buying Furniture On A Website

With so many different styles of office furniture, it is helpful to use websites that are organised into categories of each range. It is very easy to navigate all the various types to find what suits your company. You should avoid websites that do not have key data and detailed information in their product descriptions, as it becomes a gamble whether the piece of furniture is suitable. For instance, every style of chair will have a maximum usage time. Depending on the shifts that the employees work, some chairs would be very inappropriate and uncomfortable (and potentially breaching health and safety!). It is important to invest wisely when purchasing office furniture online – make sure you do lots of research on who you are buying from.

Today it is far more convenient to order office furniture online, but there are still important considerations to make. To ensure the most worthwhile investment, look for sellers with guarantees on the products and care lines should you need support. Companies usually want to order online to save time and money, not to encounter additional charges and hassle.



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