Buy or Lease Vehicle Tracking

Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) or vehicle tracking system is one of the most common technological changes all over the world that makes business and personal life a lot easier. As the term suggests, it allows for monitoring or tracking the location of a vehicle in real time.

Principally, the system works with the aid of different technologies like the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other radio frequency mediums. However, GPS is more accurate in this field. As far as vehicle tracking is concerned, its uses in the market are numerous.

Private vehicle tracking

A vehicle tracking unit is the most operational way to safeguard your vehicle from thieves and can even decrease your insurance premiums and save you a substantial amount of money. You can increase your vehicle’s security by fitting a tracker and benefit from the peace of mind that comes with recovering your vehicle incase its stolen.

Unlike GPS only tracking systems, GSM or GPS cannot jam the unique signals trackers emit. It also enables the police to locate even vehicles hidden in underground car parks or containers.

Business vehicle tracking

With a business vehicle tracking system, you can track your vehicle in real time, anytime, using any internet connected device. There is no need for maps or proprietary software because you can access everything through the web.

The live vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellites to track down vehicles, and mobile technology to make sure that their positions, logs and routes constantly update. The system uses Google maps supported by Traffic Integration, Street View and Satellite to pinpoint vehicles. The website gives you instant access to a year’s worth history for each vehicle.

Vehicle tracking costs

Vehicle tracking is an important investment for businesses that use vehicles in their tasks, particularly for the effective administration of fleets. One of the best ways to ensure that your investment turns out to be cost effective, is to find a reliable and affordable tracking system.

As the name suggests, vehicle tracking systems use automatic vehicle location software and technologies to collect inclusive data that identifies a vehicle’s location and delivers driver and vehicle information.

Usually, leasing of vehicle trackers costs approximately £10 per vehicle every month. If you decide to buy an active tracking system outright, you are likely to spend at least £200 per unit plus an installation fee of £50- £100 whereas a passive system can cost as little as £50 per unit upfront.

As with almost any technology product, the cost you can expect to pay for a vehicle tracking system depends on a variety of factors such as;

  • The type of tracking you require. Complex systems with more features cost more.
  • The variety and amount of vehicles that you need to track because car tracking costs differ for instance van tracking costs differ from lorry tracking costs.
  • The brand of product you select
  • Whether you choose to buy tracking devices or lease equipment.

For more advanced active systems, the buying costs are a bit higher due to the extra functionalities such as real time traffic information.



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