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A new boiler is a considerable expenditure for any household. It's therefore important to consider all the options you have available.

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Most homes depend on their boilers to provide hot water and heating throughout the year. But sometimes things go wrong, and even previously reliable boilers can break down; and they can break beyond repair. It is unlikely you would look into new boiler installation unless you need to, so you want the process to be as fast and stress free as possible. If your boiler is giving you problems, or you are seeking to install a new home boiler, read on to find out how to make the process easy.

Brief History of Boilers

Central Heating was invented by the ancient Greeks using fire to circulate heat using flues.[1] In the UK it was the Roman Empire that introduced Central Heating [2] with a form of warm air heating called hypocaust.[3]

Perhaps the father of modern hot water based heating was English writer Hugh Plat who outlined a steam-based central heating system in 1594.[4] Between 1855 and 1857 Franz San Galli invented the radiator, combining existing technology to produce a central heating system that is still relevant today.[5]

When we refer to ‘boilers’, we actually mean hot water boilers as opposed to steam boilers. As such, most home boilers operate at low pressures to heat water, but not to the point of boiling temperature. Boilers

How we help You?

It can be easy to take for granted how significant boilers are as part of our domestic lives, until things go wrong and the hot water stops working. So you want a replacement boiler or even your entire central heating system – but how do you guarantee yourself affordable prices, especially when you need a new boiler as soon as possible?

Boilers aren’t cheap, so taking the opportunity to save money where you can without compromising on quality is very important. You want to hire somebody who is qualified and experienced to do the job, too; whether you need an oil, gas-fired, or electric boiler installed. You may know that you will need to get quotes from a number of different boiler companies to compare, but this is a time-consuming process, and chances are you want the new boiler up and running pronto.

That’s why you should take advantage of the free, easy service offered by 4quotes4me. If your boiler has died on you and you need a prompt solution, all you need to do is fill out our simple five-step form. All you need to do is fill out one form, instead of multiple ones from different companies, and we’ll find up to four quotations on boiler repair and installation services.

Getting a new boiler, or fixing up your existing one, has never been easier. You’ll be relieved the know that the process can be pain-free, as we have cut out the hard work for you. Find out why others are using 4quotes4me to find competitive quotations from industry experts – we can connect you with engineers dealing with all the different makes and types of boiler, whether that be a standalone or combi-boilers. Feel assured that you aren’t spending a penny more than you need to, without having your time consumed by shopping around for boiler fitting and repair services. Our form takes minutes to fill out; don’t hesitate to see how much you could save by using 4quotes4me now.

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Industry News

You Could Die From Your Boiler This Summer

24th June 2018
In the warmer months of the year there are a range of potential hazards that come with the summer weather. However, many people would not realise that fatal carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from your boiler is one of them.
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