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Photocopiers have evolved with new technology and fulfil a range of tasks such as printing and scanning as well as photocopying.

Photocopier & Multifunctional Overview

Most offices use photocopiers on a daily basis – they are considered an essential piece of office equipment. Photocopiers today produce documents in a cheap efficient manner and are suitable for commercial or home use. There are lots of possible ways offices can take advantage of these functions: if they need multiple copies of important documents, or need to produce flyers, or need to create multiple copies of training documents.

Photocopiers are not only widely used in the business sector, but also in education and in government sectors. In recent years, photocopiers can serve multiple uses – we have seen photocopier convergence. The Oxford Dictionary's definition of a Photo-Copier is "machine for making photocopies" however that is no longer true, some of the more advanced machines can be also used as printers, scanners and fax machines.

A Brief History of Photocopiers

The origin of of the photocopier machine dates back to James Watt in 1779 where he devised a method of transferring ink onto wetted thin paper to produce a copy, this method was widely used in offices up to the twentieth century. The photocopiers of today utilise a technology known as xerography, which was invented all the way back in 1936 by Chester Carlson. Xerox Corporation was the first to introduce xerographic office photocopying in 1959, which came to replace old-fashioned forms of photocopying, such as using carbon paper or manual duplicating machines.

Two main developments changed the copier industry in recent times, the colour photocopier and the digital photocopier. In 1987 Canon revolutionised photocopying by introducing a digital colour copier. However it wasn't until a decade later that digital technology became the norm for all photocopying machines both mono photocopiers and colour.

While photocopiers can still be a steep investment, the price has gone down considerably since the creation of the first copiers.

How we help You

You can buy or lease photocopier machines, but you have to consider how often it will be used, and what it will be used for, when choosing a model. When it comes to desktop photocopiers for the home, a compact and basic model will suffice, and these are generally affordable. However, when it comes to something for the office that will be regularly and heavily used, you will need a model that is hardwearing, robust and will survive prolonged demand. These high-end models are expensive, and it is not unusual to spend upwards of five hundred pounds on a single copy machine.

You might be wondering how you can find the office photocopiers at prices you can afford. Well, you’re in the right place. 4quotes4me could help you save over 40% on mono or colour photocopier brands, whether you want to purchase outright or lease. We can help you find the supplier that suits you; and you’ll be pleased to know that many suppliers offer regular servicing as well, keeping your photocopy machine running smoothly and faultlessly for longer.

On 4quotes4me, you can fill out our free online form in moments, where you can specify whether you need:

  • Black and White or Colour
  • Maximum paper size
  • Number of Copiers you require
  • Lease or purchase options
  • Multifunction options such as scan, print or fax.

The 4quotes4me online form operates with a simple five-step process, and then you will be given up to four quotes on the best photocopier sale price for business photocopiers. No matter the industry you are in or your location in the country, we are dedicated to helping you find the most affordable quotations.

You are probably already aware that it is necessary to contact different suppliers, to compare quotes, when making a large purchase such as this for your business. However, calling around is very time-consuming, and online forms can be complicated and take a long time to fill out. This is time that could be spent building your business. Luckily, 4quotes4me have the hard part covered.

We will help you compare quotes from the leading suppliers, and then the choice is yours. Our free service gives you up to four quotes, on black and white or colour photocopiers and an opportunity to save money on your purchase or lease. Our online form is quick and easy to fill out, and completely free of charge. Request quotes on our websites, compare them yourself, make the decision and save – and we will charge you no fee for this service. Finding the best deals on office photocopiers for your business has never been easier. Go to our online 4quotes4me form, or call us on 0845 838 7095 now and we will help you connect online with quality suppliers.

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