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Vehicle leasing offers a cost effective alternative to purchasing a vehicle outright and is a popular choice for business and personal.

Vehicle Leasing Overview

When it comes to building your business fleet, purchasing vehicles isn’t always the most cost-effective option. The initial outlay may be simple, but then you are tasked with disposing of the vehicle, and it can also be complex to purchase new vehicles when required. You may even end up with more vehicles than you need, purely because the ones you have aren’t sufficient for all of your company’s requirements.

This is why an increasing amount of businesses are choosing to go down the route of leasing business vehicles, as opposed to purchasing. Some of the advantages are the fact you can lease the number of vehicles you require at any point in time, and lease additional vehicles where you need to, as well as the benefit of a wider selection of vehicles – there is bound to be something appropriate.

Brief History of Vehicle Leasing

Some of the benefits of leasing your business’ fleet instead of purchasing the vehicles are that the costs are predictable – when you buy the vehicles, they will depreciate in value over time, meaning you are losing money. Additionally, with leasing agreements, maintenance costs are usually already covered in the monthly fees and are fixed, whereas the maintenance expenses of a fleet of owned cars can easily become steep. The outlay for purchasing vehicles is usually significant, but you don’t need to worry about huge initial expenditure with vehicle leasing.

How we help You?

So, now the only setback of business vehicle leasing is the task of finding a suitable company. How do you find vehicle leasing services that are competitive, high-quality and affordable? You may imagine that you will have to spend lots of time obtaining quotations from different leasing companies, either through phone calls or filling out long online forms. This is all very time-consuming, especially when you’d rather be investing time into your business.

However, 4quotes4me have a solution for you. We’ve cut out the legwork for you – instead of fishing around contacting suppliers yourself, we contact them for you. All you need to do is fill in our simple online form, answer several basic questions on what type of vehicle leasing services you require for your business, and we’ll handle the rest. Then, 4quotes4me will present you with up to four of the best quotations on vehicle leasing for your business, and our service is completely free of charge.

If you have only just started to consider the prospect of leasing company vehicles, you’ll soon see why it is an ideal solution for all sizes of fleets, and all types of vehicles. From a handful of vehicles to vast collection of vans, our service makes it easier than ever to find competitive prices from experienced vehicle leasing companies. Enjoy affordable business, and fill out our free electronic form now – never pay a penny more than you need to for vehicle leasing – or if you would prefer, call us now on 0845 838 7095.

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