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Vehicle tracking can play an important role in any business. From informing customers of delivery times to complete fleet management.

Vehicle Tracking Overview

Can you tell us where any of your company fleet drivers are right now? Or can you tell us their fuel efficiency and driving patterns? Managing any sized fleet of vehicles, from a handful to over fifty, can be a difficult and overwhelming feat – but with vehicle tracking, pinpointing each vehicle’s exact location is accessible and easy, and you can receive even more data on driving patterns to help optimise your company’s transport and address excessive fuel usage or speed to avoid resultant costs.

Brief History of Vehicle Tracking

Most vehicle trackers out there use GPS technology to allow you to map out each individual vehicle in your fleet anytime. GPS technology originated in the 1970's under the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the first global positioning satellite the NAVSTAR was launched in 1978.[1] The 24 global satellite positioning system became fully active in 1993 and was used exclusively by the military.

In 1996 President Bill Clinton allowed Standard Positioning Service (SPS) to be used by civilians paving the way for the vehicle tracking industry. A higher more accurate Precise Positioning Service (PPS) was reserved for military use only.[2] In May 2000 civilian users of GPS were allowed to receive non degraded signal when "selective availability" of GPS was discontinued.[3]

Today GPS has become an integral part of our lives helping navigate millions of motorists a year to their destination in an efficient timely manner.

Vehicle Tracking

How we help You?

GPS systems are available for any vehicles, and can help you provide better quality customer service. For instance, you can anticipate traffic or accidents on routes and reroute vehicles if needed, to ensure that delivery times aren’t hindered – and you can send the nearest, most appropriate vehicle to the next destination to improve productivity. If one of your vehicles is stolen, it is very easy to track down the thief with vehicle tracking. With advanced route planning and data on driving habits and fuel usage, your business could save time and money – this data can help you spend less on fuel, maintenance and repair of vehicles by allowing you to monitor the behaviour of your drivers.

While this all sounds attractive, you might be talking yourself out of looking into business vehicle tracking online, assuming that it must be an expensive and complicated process. But if you are looking for ways to boost your business’ efficiency, vehicle tracking could be the best investment you make. The more vehicles you have in your fleet, the more worthwhile the savings could be.

There’s good news for you – 4quotes4me massively simplifies the process of finding quotations on vehicle tracking uk pricing. Instead of trawling the internet, looking for a supplier that can help you purchase and fit vehicle tracking systems at an affordable price, filling out various long forms and calling up an array of companies, all you need to do is fill out one form.

4quotes4me reduces this to one quick, easy form that is free to fill out. Just give us a few details, and we will provide up to four of the best quotations from top vehicle tracking system suppliers. It really is as simple as that. You are just minutes away from great prices on vehicle tracking systems that help ensure your business fleet is efficient, cuts down lost time and saves you money. Use our quick online form, or call us on 0845 838 7095 to be connected with the best companies in the vehicle GPS tracking industry.

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Industry News

Brexit Excludes The UK From The EU’s Galileo GPS

1st June 2018
As a result of Brexit, there has been an array of side-effects, including the UK being shut out of the EU’s Galileo satellite system contracts. Galileo is a multi-billion dollar satellite constellation project which intends to rival the Global Positioning System, which is controlled by the US. The aim is for it to be operational by 2020.
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Faq's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Telematics?

Telematics is a broad term meaning the transmission of data across telecommunication. In vehicle tracking, telematics uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to broadcast data including speed, location, time and unique vehicle id via satellite to a receiver that then interprets the data using specialist software.[4]

What factors can affect Vehicle Tracking Accuracy?

Factors that can effect vehicle tracking include, severe weather and environmental conditions. In such circumstances tracking can accuracy can deteriorate to 50 meters.[5]

How accurate are Vehicle Trackers?

Most trackers on the market utilise GPS signals provide an accuracy of 7.8 meters.[6]

What type of Vehicles can I track?

Trackers are small and discreet so you can track any type of vehicle in your fleet be that a Van, Car, Lorry or something else.

What are Covert Trackers?

These are a type of tracker that is normally used in security or law enforcement. Often magnetised they can be easily attached and the vehicle can be tracked without the knowledge of the driver.

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