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Web design and development helps you build that professional look online and provide the functionality your customers desire.

Web Design & Development Overview

The appearance of your website is one of the first impressions a customer will have of your company, and may be the deciding factor on whether they will stay and browse, or click off and solicit services and products from elsewhere. It may be possible to design your website yourself, particularly with the free and basic platforms out there allowing you to do so, but unless you are a web design professional, you may not make the right impression. The best way to ensure your website is high-quality and easy to navigate, is to hire an experienced designer who can build something that reflects your business.

Brief History of Web Design & Development

During 1991 to 1993 the World Wide Web was born. Created from the original idea in 1989 of creating a global hypertext project by Tim Berners-Lee. The early websites were text only and viewed via a simple online browser.[1] Mosaic launched in the summer of 1993 was the first cross browser platform and made the web more accessible to users. However, it was possibly the invention of the image tag by Marc Andreessen of Mosaic that brought the world wide web to life.[2]

In 1994 Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web formed the W3c. The W3c provided protocols and guidelines for web development.[3] One of its primary goals was accessibility of the web, ensuring blind and disabled people could view web pages. One of the primary ways to make web pages accessible was through seperation of style and content by using CSS sylesheets. CSS was first proposed by Håkon Wium Lie whilst at CERN.[4] At first css was largely ignored but eventually after hard fought battles with browsers such as Microsofts Internet Explorer CSS came to popularity and is standard practice in websites today.

HTML5 was the next evolution of web design and was started in 2004 by WHATWG. Breaking away from the W3c that were focussing on XHTML 2.0 WHATWG set about updating HTML4.01 to embrace a new internet and the needs of modern users.[5] Eventually after HTML5 rose to popularity the W3c abandoned plans for XHTML 2.0 and brought HTML5 back under the fold.
Web Design

How we help You?

Web design is a specialised industry; unless you have the training, experience or knowledge on how to create a website that is compatible across various platforms, aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, navigable and responsive, you will get the best results by hiring someone who does. A website that engages your customers can really boost your business, and each business will have different requirements. Whether you want a simple website for promotional purpose (and perhaps with a blog included), or a fully-fledged e-commerce website that can handle secure transactions and payments (with full product pages and more), we will connect you with a company that can bring your vision to life.

Our free service will help you find great quotations from web design specialists. It is easy to find a bespoke solution for a large business, or a simple website that only requires a few pages to meet your needs, when you use 4quotes4me. Finding an experienced, skilful web designer has never been more simple. Using our online form, all you need to do is tell us your budget, whether you want a brand new website or a redesign, fill in a few details which will be submitted securely to a range of web design companies. There is no need to waste time calling up companies individually or filling out lots of different forms; our solution only involves filling out your details once, and our system handles the rest.

Locating a good web design company shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why 4quotes4me have cut out the majority of the legwork for you. After completing our form, we will send you up to four of the best quotes from leading web design companies. You can compare like-for-like quotations, and then you can do with them as you wish. There is no loss on your part, as our service requires no fee, and takes barely any time to complete. Our system works for everyone.

Your website represents the quality of your business – an outdated, messy or unresponsive website could be turning your customers away. That’s why you should take advantage of 4quotes4me, which allows you to get the website designer you want without paying more than you need to. It is in easy reach – fill out our online form for free now, or if you would prefer you can call one of our representatives at 07798 695638.

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