Choosing Franking Machines

Selecting the right franking machine to suit your business needs is more crucial than you might think. Franking machines give a business the ability to save a substantial amount of money on their postage, but it’s vital to make sure you are using the right machine for your mailing volumes to avoid any excessive costs.

Capacity and Volume of Mail

The first step in selecting the right franking machine for you is working out how much mail and what types of mail you send. As soon as you have worked out your mailing volumes, it is then time to determine which of the three levels of available franking machines suits your business.

Low volume franking machines are suitable for startups. Their design aims to give the small business owner a more cost effective way of handling their daily postal requirements, at the same time providing the convenient and expert image of a franking machine.

The medium volume franking machine can handle twenty six to fifty letters per day. It is capable of franking at slightly higher speed. The medium volume franking machine design facilitates ease of use for all your postal requirements.

The high volume franking machine suits a business producing a lot of mail. The high volume systems can also profit from larger discounts with new services such as business mail advanced and online accounting services.

Additional Features

The main function of a franking machine is to provide businesses with a cheaper way of sending mail and this profits both the business and postal service used. However, apart from offering a cheap alternative, a franking machine comes with several additional features such as;

  • Feeding system-This franks all your mail items and is capable of franking onto any mail item up to a specified thickness level.
  • Smart meter technology-Allows businesses to gain access to and use VAT services whilst franking in smart blue ink.
  • Weighing scale-This facilitates accurate weighing of mail items and eliminates any chance of under or overpayment of a mail item

Contract Length and Renewal

Renewing your franking machine’s lease or rental contract can be challenging if you are not cautious to understand what is going on. Keep in mind that there is no universal language for mailing equipment. You can acquire postage equipment scales and sealers in several ways.

Smaller units only go on rental basis along with a meter rental. For mid-range and larger units, you can lease, rent or buy. However beware as most rental agreements or leases have a clause stating that you need to register your equipment with an insurer. Always consult before renewing any contract.

Maintenance and Consumables

Extended maintenance agreements cover repairs and support needed to maintain the equipment. Consumables are always extra and manufacturers can charge you greatly. Know the difference between models. The yields don’t always tell the entire story.

A manufacturer may boast of a large yield on ink cartridge but if you are using a low volume machine, you might find your cartridge dried up and gone thus replacing a lot faster than initially thought. Some cartridges are time chipped so you need replacement whether empty or not.



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