Choosing Vending Machines

Vending machines are a revitalising benefit that many business owners provide for customers and employees. However, choosing the one that best suits your business takes some consideration. You need to determine how much energy the machine will be in use, what drinks you plan to offer, the pricing and payment options and whether the service will be self or fully managed.

Volume of use

Refrigerated vending machines operate all day every day. In addition to consuming energy, they add to cooling masses in the spaces they occupy. New efficient vending machines are available and can significantly decrease operational costs.

Furthermore occupancy sensors and timers, can generate big savings because they allow the machines to turn on only when a customer is present or when the compressor must run in order to maintain the drinks at preferred temperatures.

Possible efficiency improvements for refrigerated vending machines include better insulation, improved lighting, control changes to the refrigeration cycle, efficient fans and improved condenser heat transfer.

At least one retrofit device now in the market uses an unreceptive infrared occupancy sensor to turn off the compressor and fluorescent light in the vending machine when no one is nearby. As such, you can control how much energy your vending machine uses.

Choice of drinks

You need to decide if you want to provide cold or hot drinks in your vending machine before purchasing one. Moreover, with technology advancements, there are now fully automatic vending machines available in the market providing up to four selections of fresh and tasty hot and cold drinks.

This type of machine has three built-in tanks, which store room temperature drinks, hot, and cold drinks. You can add the drinks straight into the tank. The vending machine has four material boxes as swell for any soluble powder. This means that you can produce drinks such as milk shakes, tea, juice and coffee at the same time.

Pricing and Payment Options

Essentially, there are two options, cash or cashless. Since 1950’s vending machines have been working together with coin mechanisms. Nevertheless, in recent times, money is not always the ideal method payment anymore, as it creates quite some operational issues such as security.

Cashless becomes the ideal method of payment but this brings some additional technological challenges, as the variety of systems is huge, hence forcing the vending operators to incorporate this into their vending solution.

As a business owner, it would be advisable to use multi-payments at your vending machine so that customers can pay either with cash or cards and that way you get more profits.

Fully Managed or Self-Managed Service

With a self-managed vending machine you take total control of the stocking service and maintenance, providing you with the liberty to shop around for the best deals on the brands you want and restock as you need. Self-service plans often include training and access to technical backing.

However, with a fully-managed vending machine, your supplier handles all the maintenance’s, repairs, cleaning, servicing and restocking on a service contract or as part of your lease. The degree of service you decide on is up to you and payment is in instalments.



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