ClearOne – Telephone Systems and Audio Visual Conferencing


ClearOne is an award-winning manufacturer of professional video and audio solutions and cloud collaboration services. ClearOne is a multinational company that specialises in designing and developing collaboration, conferencing and network streaming telephone system solutions to businesses.

About the Company

ClearOne is a global company with headquarters based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of its key objectives are to design and produce products and services that are user-friendly, affordable and innovative – giving the user a functional, reliable and scalable experience. ClearOne delivers enhancement of collaboration and communication for companies and organisations small and large all across the globe.

The commitment to streamlining communications makes ClearOne the choice of provider for companies that rely heavily on teamwork and communication to be successful. The high-quality, cost-effective and professional solutions that ClearOne provides help to ensure the success of companies and organisations worldwide.

If your existing audio and video conferencing or AV networking systems are not up to task, and your company relies heavily on them, then investing in ClearOne could help streamline all of your business operations.

About the Phone Systems

ClearOne offers audio conferencing products, which provide professional voice solutions for a range of workspaces (in a variety of industries). This includes industry-leading DSP mixers, professional microphones, digital amplifiers, conference phones and flexible USB speakerphones.

In addition to professional voice solutions, ClearOne offers visual collaboration products and services, such as: video collaboration, BYOD collaboration, professional cameras and cloud collaboration. ClearOne can provide audio and video streaming across the IP network too, offering network media streaming, video walls, sound reinforcement and audio distribution.