Compare Fuel Cards

Choosing the right fuel card is important in controlling the efficiency of any fleet, with fluctuations in forecourt prices it’s vital to control fuel expenditure. Fuel cards help businesses save money, accelerate administration, streamline VAT calculations and save time for your employees. There is a wide range of fuel cards available with options to suit any business here we provide a guide to the choices of fuel card on offer.

Prepaid Fuel Cards

Prepaid fuel cards allow the business to carry credit on the card by advance payment before usage. For some businesses particularly start ups, fuel cards that are simply not an option. By using a prepaid fuel card companies can enjoy benefits without stringent credit checks.

Supermarket Fuel Cards

The most popular supermarkets now offer fuel cards with reduced pump prices. Businesses will be attracted to the benefits of better bulk pricing for fuel but for many fleets coverage may not be sufficient. Most of the independent fuel card companies provide cards that can be used in forecourts. Supermarket fuel cards are most suited to localised fleets that can use a single point of refuelling.

Petroleum Company Fuel Cards

Provide companies with extensive networks of fuel stations across the UK and Europe. Ideal if you have large fleets with frequent travel abroad. Suppliers include BP, Shell, Esso and Texaco. However, providers will tie you to their network of stations.

Independent Fuel Cards

Specialist fuel cards companies are perhaps able to offer the largest networks and greatest flexibility. Many specialists suppliers offer access to both Petroleum Company and Supermarket forecourts giving the widest coverage. They also provide options for mixed fleets (petrol and diesel).

Bunker Fuel Cards

Provides the greatest saving on fuel compared to forecourt fuel cards. Particularly suitable for large fleets where fuel expenditure is the main consideration. However, the business is restricted to using bunkering sites for refuelling in order to gain discounts.

The list of choices for fuel cards has expanded in recent years. The addition of Supermarket and Petroleum Company cards to specialist suppliers now gives the consumer a greater choice than ever. In today’s market fuel cards are now available free of charge although there is usually a minimum spend. There is normally no charge for using fuel cards providing the balance is paid on request. When choosing a fuel card evaluate your business needs first and prioritise the benefits each fuel card offers.



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