Comparing Phone Systems

Business telephone systems can make or break your communications with customers or internally, within your company. This can largely impact the efficiency and productivity of your business, and can lead to a loss in revenue. If your business telephone system is unreliable, staff cannot communicate with each other as smoothly, or clients cannot get in touch with your company.

In order to maintain a good reputation, you want a telephone system that doesn’t cost an extortionate amount but is also functional, reliable and has all the desired features. Herein is where it can be tricky to find the right balance of cost-efficiency and quality. You don’t want to sacrificate any of the crucial functions that your business telecoms system will be required to perform on a regular basis in favour of saving money, but you also don’t want to over-spend (and budgets are finite!).

Communication is one of the core necessities and primary driving forces that helps facilitate all of your business’ activities. This is why it is important to select a telephone system that will not let you down, and performs properly. Lackluster telephone systems present a range of inconveniences and setbacks, and there are different ways in which telephone systems can fall short of your standards or otherwise fail.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large business or a small business, or to which scale your telephone system is employed. If it doesn’t work as expected, is unreliable, slow or lacks vital features that your business needs, a loss of time and money can incur, as well as significant frustration for your staff. It is easy to overlook the weight of responsibility resting on your business’ telephone system, but when you take it into consideration the sort of impact it would have on your business if the entire system collapsed, it puts things into perspective.

Common Telephone System Problems

  • Configuration: there can be errors in the code or programming that disrupt the activity of your telephone system.
  • Pricing: you may be overpaying for a telephone system that is falling short of your needs.
  • Features: your system may not have the features you require, or may have unnecessary added features which aren’t useful for your business.
  • Support centre and troubleshooting: there may not be a reliable support team to relay your concerns or problems with the system too.
  • All of the above factors contribute to the success or appropriateness of a given system in relation to your business. So when you compare telephone systems for your business, you should look out for everything mentioned in the above list to save wasting time and money on a system that does not serve you well.

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