Crystal Ball – Vehicle, Mobile and Camera Tracking

Crystal Ball

CrystalBall is a company that specialises in providing a broad range of tracking products and services, including mobile, vehicle and camera tracking systems, field management apps, and more. CrystalBall offers all these various workforce management tools on one single platform, making it more convenient than ever to track and analyse the performance and activity of different areas of your company. Some of CrystalBall’s services include: vehicle tracking, in-vehicle cameras to encourage better driving behaviour, mobile tracking, lone worker protection and field service management.

About Vehicle Tracking
CrystalBall’s comprehensive vehicle tracking solution is already used by thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises across the country. It is a well established, reliable and proven telematics solution which can help you optimise your business fleet’s performance, productivity and cost-effectiveness. CrystalBall’s vehicle tracking service can help boost your business’ efficiency and as a result, its revenue. Some of the features that CrystalBall’s vehicle tracking service has to offer are: a dashboard overview of your fleet with an “at a glance” summary, reports, alarms and alerts, location sharing, journey playback, system heartbeat, assets management, among others. There are also ways that you can integrate your vehicle tracking with your fuel cards, to save even more on total fuel expenditure.