Dell – Copiers, Printers and Computers


Dell began life in 1984 founded Michael Dell whilst still at the University of Texas at Austin. He left University later that year to concentrate on the business after getting $1000 investment from his family. Dell is best known for their computers and ability to customise the configuration of the hardware. They created one of the first mail-order computer business that allowed them to sell direct and undercut larger competitors. Unlike other suppliers that sold through distribution channels, Dell was ideally set up to take full advantage of the internet as a sales channel.

As early as 1996 Dell begun selling computers through its website and were a pioneer for e-commerce. In 2003 Dell success in Computers fuelled diversion into other markets including televisions, DJ equipment and most notable printers for small office and home use. Utilising their printer technology they expanded their range to MFP copiers.

Dell photocopiers like their computers are highly customisable and available through their direct sales channel. Backed up by their own service options the new range of Dell copier machines include both A4 and A3 capability. The Dell range is fully multifunctional offering options for fax, print and scan. Although late into the photocopier market Dell has carved out a significant share of the market building on their established relationships with IT managers around the world to drive procurement. In 2016 Dell announced the closure of their Imaging division and removed printers and MFP’s from their website.