Dimplex – Electric Boilers, Air Treatment and Heating

Dimplex is an award-winning innovator in the air treatment and electric heating sectors. Their expertise and experience, combined with their deep rooted and consistent investment in fresh ideas, state of the art design, and ongoing advancements, have helped make them a leader in the industries.

About the Company

A subsidiary of Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation, Dimplex has been a leader in electric heating for more than 70 years. Today, Dimplex remains a trusted name for heating technologies, including boilers, which include over 700 products. Their dedication has been recognised throughout many of its product categories, with the latest being listed as a finalist in the 2017 London Construction Awards as ” Technological Innovation of the Year” for its Zeroth energy system.

About the Dimplex Boilers

Dimplex boilers have a straightforward design and are easy to install, operate and maintain. Their boilers heat water directly from the main water supply which means you don’t need a big water tank. Dimplex Halstead Combi boilers come in three models; the Dimplex Ace HE (24kW, 30kW, 35kW condensing boiler), the Dimplex Eden CBX (24kW, 32kW, 38kW) open condensing boiler and the Dimplex Maxol, all Rated A for efficiency under SEDBUK guidelines.

Dimplex Range of Products

Along with their boilers, the Dimplex range of products includes intelligent electric heating heating products, towel warmers, 3D flame effect fireplaces, air purification products, cooling fans and more.

Bottom line, Dimplex has the answer to creating a warm, cosy atmosphere in your home, including their superior quality boilers.
Website: www.dimplex.co.uk