Doro – Phone Systems and Consumer Electronics


Doro is a Swedish assistive technology and consumer electronics company. Doro is dedicated to providing smart telephone systems for seniors to help them increase their independence and lead a better life. Doro phones are extremely user-friendly and simplified for ease of operation and are available in mobile or landline versions.

About the Company

Doro was founded in 1974 and the company’s headquarters are based in Lund, Sweden. The company believes in improving the lives of seniors by providing opportunities with their products and services. Their smartphones and security services help to increase the independence of their users and keeps them in contact with the world. Doro designs and develops smart products that can accommodate users with age-impaired hearing, sight and motor skills by utilising cutting-edge technology.

Doro cares about the wellbeing of senior citizens, and strives to keep people secure, independent and connected as they age. Their products help to encourage seniors to remain active in society in spite of age-related difficulties they may face, and to keep in touch with friends and family.

About the Phone Systems

Doro provides simple, user-friendly, modern, smart mobile phones designed specifically for seniors. They have extra clear sound with users who have hearing impairments in mind, large keys and a high visual contrast for users with difficulties seeing. Doro also provides cordless and corded home telephones, with large keys and enhanced volume audio, and a range of mobile and landline accessories.

Doro also offers Response and SmartCare security services for seniors who are living independently, which means that their friends and family can monitor their loved ones through the smart sensors and alarms without disturbing them. It means seniors can live independently for longer, even when they have difficulties.