Double Glazing Costs

Predicting how much a shiny new set of windows will cost can be difficult, as it varies so much depending on a few different factors. For instance, what type of material are you looking at the windows being made of? Have you decided on double or triple glazing, or would you like extra insulation? Is there any damage around the existing window frames that needs to be repaired? What size windows do you need?

These are just some of the things to consider when anticipating what sort of bill to expect for that set of replacement windows. On average, you could be looking at £300 to £800 per window. This is quite a large range, but as previously stated, the price can fluctuate based on what your exact requirements are. As an example, if you live in a large detached house which needs a full set of decently-sized replacement windows (which could 10-30 windows total), that will put the price up significantly. However, a semi-detached house would be slightly cheaper, and a terraced house even more so due to there being less windows.

You might want additional features to the replacement windows in order to maximise energy efficiency, such as purchasing windows filled with inert argon, krypton or gas for extra insulation, meaning less heat is lost and you could save on your energy bills. Whether you want standard uPVC windows or composite windows will change the price, too. On the whole, uPVC is less expensive, but some uPVC windows are sold cheaply constructed. Mechanically fixed uPVC windows are screwed together as opposed to being welded, giving them a shorter lifespan. If poor quality uPVC is used, this can lead to the windows distorting over time, as well as causing leakage. You may have saved money on the outset by choosing a less expensive option, but future bills to repair and reinforce the windows can easily add up, and you could end up spending just as much on maintaining the lower-quality windows as it would have cost to opt for the higher-quality ones in the first place.

The finish of the windows is aesthetically important, especially if you want your windows to compliment the type of house you live in. Some people may be happy with white uPVC, but if you live in an older, traditional-looking home, this modern finish would stick out like a sore thumb amidst the rest of the architecture. Wood grain is an alternative finishing option, but is pricier than standard white uPVC. You can also purchase custom windows constructed of finely crafted wood, which is another more expensive option.

Some people’s interest in purchasing replacement windows stems primarily from a desire to increase the energy efficiency of their property. As you probably expected, replacement windows with higher energy efficient scores tend to be higher up on the price scale. While most new windows meet high standards of energy efficiency, not all windows are equal in that sense. The rating system ranges from ‘A’ to ‘A+++’ – higher rated windows will require a loftier investment, but there is a trade-off, as these windows will be saving you more money on your energy bills in the long run. Additionally, a set of high quality new windows can be expected to last around 25 years. The replacement windows could cut your energy costs by 25%, and having these fitted increases the value of your home for those who wish to sell it in the future.

In order to figure out how you can save on replacement windows based on the requirements you have decided on, it is important to look at a range of no-obligation quotations from various companies to find the best deal that still meets your exact needs. 4quotes4me can provide up to four of the best quotations from the top replacement window suppliers on the market, and all of the quotes will be based on your specified number, size and style of replacement windows. Instead of shopping around yourself, we have done this already, meaning you can save time and money. See what quotations 4quotes4me will find for you by filling out our fast, free online form.

How else can you make sure you are purchasing robust replacement windows that are energy-efficient, long-lasting, attractive (and don’t come with a jaw-dropping price tag) from a trusted and reliable provider? 4quotes4me have this covered too, and are proud to only recommend quotations from reputable companies. It can be daunting to look into replacing windows in your home, especially when you don’t want to compromise quality for the best deal. We are here to help you cut down on replacement window costs, without sacrificing or falling short on any of the other important features.



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