Multifunctional Photocopier

With today’s ever-evolving and progressing technology, the photocopier has become a dynamic, flexible and multifunctional machine. Photocopiers now offer a wide range of functions outside their original purpose, which are all designed to help streamline the completion of your work. Not everybody may know about the full array of other conveniences that a multifunctional photocopier can provide, so here we will break it down for you.


Primarily photocopiers have become an efficient device for printing and many copiers perform several times the amount of prints to copies in a modern office. They provide fast output, excellent quality and attractive cost per page compared to stand alone printers.


Fax (which stands for facsimile) is one function of innovative, multifunctional photocopier models that renders the need for a separate fax machine unnecessary. You can send other people reproductions of documents at a low cost, and while the Internet is the most popular form of communication, faxing is still useful in the world of modern business.

Scan to Email

The majority of photocopiers today will have inbuilt scanners, so you can easily relay physical documents to yourself via email. Thanks to the option to set up shortcuts on the machines, you can deliver these straight to your own email address without having to type it in every single time.

Scan to PDF

An additional feature of multifunctional photocopiers is the option to scan documents to PDF files. This means you can embed a series of scanned pages into just one PDF file for ease of access and organisation (as opposed to individual image files for each page, which could lead to pages being lost or the order being interrupted, and takes up a lot more storage space).

OCR Document Management

A large number of multifunctional photocopiers will have the sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature enabled. This allows the scanner to read lettering and numbers on the document being scanned, and consequently for the document to be saved as something known as a ‘searchable PDF’. This means you can search for words and phrases in the actual body of the document, not just the title, making it even faster and simpler to find the file you need.

USB SD Printing Capability

Another benefit of multifunctional photocopiers is the USB and SD card ports. If your document is stored on a USB drive or SD card, you can print these straight from the photocopier machine, saving you the additional hassle of relaying the files through a print driver on a laptop. Instead of fumbling about, you can simply plug in your USB or SD card and print the file straight away.

Electronic Sorting

Some multifunctional photocopiers offer electronic sorting and offset stacking for your documents. Manually organising your copies into sorter bins is a time-consuming process. The electronic sorting – collation – feature helps to slightly shift bundles of documents to distinguish where one copy ends and the other begins. This is very useful if you have multiple documents for printing, copying or scanning.


Multifunctional photocopiers also offer a variety of finishing services, further reducing the amount of manual work required for production and preparation of the printed documents. The stapling and hole punch units allow users to produce consistent, professional looking hole-punched and stapled documents. Not only does this save time and effort, but the alignments of the staples and holes will be the same on each document (and this is determined by you). You can also choose how many holes to punch, amongst other customisable options for finishing.

You can add a saddle stitch finisher to your multifunctional photocopier to create booklets (documents which are folded along the centre and stapled down the middle). This saves money on outsourcing printing/booklet production.



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