Epson – Copiers, Printers and Scanners


Seiko Epson Corporation, better known as simply Epson is a Japanese based imaging manufacturer. Founded in 1942 they began by manufacturing watch parts. Today, they offer scanners, projectors, photocopiers and MFP’s but are best known for their printer range. The Epson brand name came from an abbreviation of “Son of Electronic Printer” and was formerly established in 1975.

Epson has been manufacturing printers since 1968 and is world-renowned for high-quality output from their inkjet range of printers. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that Epson entered the photocopier market with their WorkForce range of MFP’s. Their new multifunctional copiers are unique in the fact they utilise high-speed inkjet technology. Epson’s WorkForce range includes A3 size copying as well as duplexing. All-in-One technology means you can print, copy, scan and fax in both colour and black and white. Epson offers wireless connectivity and a downloadable app allows you to print emails from your phone.

Epson inkjet technology has both pros and cons. On the plus side hardware costs are substantially cheaper than laser copiers, quality is higher and inkjet is incredibly reliable reducing maintenance costs considerably. However, inkjet cartridges are more expensive than toner and cost per page is higher. For many consumers, it will depend on the volume of printing and copying as to whether to opt for an inkjet over laser technology. Many small users can actually save money by buying Epson when you include both the running costs and purchase price compared to laser copier.