Frama – Franking Machines, Postage Meters & Mailroom Equipment


Frama was founded in 1970 in Lauperswil, Switzerland. Frama produces electronic postage meters and mailroom equipment, including folder inserters, letter openers, security scanners, shredders, and compactors. Frama was founded as a successor to Jost AG, which produced manual crank-operated postage meters. Today, Frama provides both hardware and software to help manage flow of postal funds between Royal Mail, customer accounts, and Frama’s management system.

All Frama products, parts, and most of the machine tools used in manufacture, are developed and manufactured at its headquarters in Switzerland. Approximately 90% of the products manufactured by Frama are exported for sale in more than 50 countries. Frama market share varies from country to country, currently ranging from 5-60%.

Frama was founded to help customers manage physical mail, but as times change and digital communication becomes more widespread, Frama has expanded to help customers keep digital communications secure. For digital communication, Frama offers a number of products, including a registered and encrypted email platform that integrates with most standard email platforms, e-signature, digital document management and security, ability to transfer large files, and legal proof of delivery and content.

Effective May, 2018, the European Union has passed new regulations regarding the management of customer data by both European companies and countries operating outside of Europe that collect data on European customers. Frama is working to help companies maintain compliance with this new regulation through its registered mail platform and by offering advice on managing data securely.