Cambrian Fuel Card Services

Cambrian Fuel Card Services

0800 612 6132

White Hart House

Tredegar Street


South Wales

NP20 2BE

United Kingdom


Cambrian Fuel Card Services make it our mission to offer a premium, unparalleled company business fuel card service.


You might be wondering what is different about Cambrian Fuel Card Services, and why you should choose us over competitors.

We invest substantially in the latest technology to ensure optimum functionality of our online Control Panel, that all of the systems are as up-to-date and accessible as they can be, providing you with real-time information relating to Fuel Prices, Purchases and total business fuel card account expenditure. We put you in control, and try to limit any restrictions you might face while you try and manage your fuel cards.

Our company specialises in the field of fuel card services and fuel management, meaning you can get professional expertise and advice from our team, as well as ongoing support. Our commitment to the industry originated with our experience as a fuel distributor since 1976.

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