Gai-Tronics – Phone Systems and IP Devices


GAI-Tronics has been a world leader in providing communication solutions for industrial markets around the globe since its establishment in 1946. GAI-Tronics’ products are designed for durability and reliability, with the needs of industrial markets in mind, and the company is committed to delivering a high standard of customer service and quality.

About the Company

GAI-Tronics is owned by Hubbell Incorporated, and its mission is to provide reliable communications solutions to industrial markets. It is the world’s largest company with this specialty, and believes that high-risk workplace environments are a priority, and the technology can improve reaction time, improve the chances of minimising injury, and save lives.

The importance of this means that all of the GAI-Tronics products, services and systems are of the highest standard of reliability. GAI-Tronics prides itself on delivering excellent customer service and upholding close customer relationships so that they can best respond to their clients’ needs. GAI-Tronics has different regional divisions to allow customers to get the best individual support. There is the Americas Division, serving North, South and Central America, Mexico and Canada, the European Division, serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asian division, serving Asia and the Pacific Rim.

About the Phone Systems

GAI-Tronics has communications products to meet the varied needs of its customer base. GAI-Tronics provides HUBBCOM™ multi-functional IP devices for businesses, communications systems for mining operations, mass notification equipment and accessories, paging and intercom solutions, public address and general alarm solutions, radio communications services, radio dispatch products and telephones.

Unlike other business telephone and communication systems providers, GAI-Tronics caters to all types of organisations and specifically designs its products with the heavy-duty industrial markets in mind. Their products are suitable for a range of public, private and commercial sectors, as well as industrial, transit, military, mining, pharmaceutical and security purposes.