Garmin – Navigation and Vehicle Tracking


Garmin is one of the world’s leading companies in the navigation sector, and provides products and services for a wide range of purposes, including automotive, aviation, outdoor, sports and marine. Garmin is committed to improving their customers’ lives by providing products that are well-designed and high-quality at a good value price. Garmin is a very large international company, with over 11,400 associates across 50 offices around the globe, and all of its associates are dedicated individuals who deliver outstanding performances. Garmin seeks to establish itself as the market leader for each market that they cover, which includes the telematics market.

About Vehicle Tracking
One of the services offered by Garmin is fleet management solutions. Garmin is the world leader when it comes to navigation systems and hardware that is created to fill a specific purpose. It is no wonder that they also dominate the vehicle tracking industry with their large network of Fleet Management Partners. Garmin themselves do not provide the service, but are able to work through their partners to help find solutions for their customers, and have other products supporting the fleet management interface. If you want a tailored solution for your business’ fleet based on your needs and market, Garmin can provide you with the essential tools to optimise the performance of your fleet.