GGF – Glass and Glazing Federation


The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is a government-recognised organisation representing companies involved in the glass and glazing industry. This can be companies involved in any aspect of the manufacture, supply and installation of flat glass products, services and all types of glazing. This ranges from energy-efficient glazing designed for domestic use in homes, to commercial buildings, tower blocks and more. The purpose of the GGF is to promote industry best practice, set the highest technical standards and to promote and represent its member companies.

As well as benefits for member traders and companies of the GGF, there are also advantages for consumers – helping to advise, guide and protect customers who are seeking glass and glazing services. When customers choose a GGF trader, they have the peace of mind that this company has been vetted and investigated to ensure they meet the high technical standards required by the organisation, and that they also are compliant with all building and trade regulations. The industry has recently seen an increase of dishonest and unscrupulous sellers, so using a GGF member helps to ensure that the service you receive will be the highest standard; boasting high-quality workmanship and products, and great value for money.

Over the years, the GGF has been well established politically as the voice and authority for the industry, through its involvement in industry debates and lobbying. Over half of the installations in the UK are performed by GGF members, and the organisation is internationally recognised.