Glow Worm – Combi-Boilers and Heat Only Boiler Systems


Glow WormWhen it comes to heating products, you’ve probably heard of Glow Worm. The company is widely recognised for its heating solutions, including their boilers and state of the art accessories. The company’s Combi boilers are a popular choice for today’s homes.

About the Company

Since 1934, the company has been focused on offering their customers highly efficient, reliable heating related products. This focus has helped establish Glow Worm as one of the leading heating companies in the UK. They pride themselves in offering exceptional energy solutions and manufacture all their boilers in their cutting-edge production facilities located in Belper, Derbyshire. The Vaillant Group, the second largest heating company in Europe, acquired Glow Worm in 2001.

About the Glow Worm Boilers

The company’s respected range of products consists of domestic gas boilers, including heat only, Combi and system boiler options, suited for any installation. One of the great benefits that apply to their Combi boilers is that you don’t need to find room for a hot water cylinder or water tank because neither is required. It’s also an energy efficient choice too because you only heat the water you’re going to need. Glow Worm’s small Combi boiler is ErP A rated for efficiency, meaning reduced energy bills for their customers.

Glow Worm Range of Products

Along with their boilers, associated range of products include Climapro2 RF control, a programmable, wireless thermostat, MiGo personal heating assistant, a remote heating and hot water control, a wireless outdoor weather sensor and more. Controls Glow Worm’s range of controls are specifically designed to work with their appliances, together creating highly efficient heating systems and improved home comfort.

Glow Worm has a long and successful track record which reassures their customers and the fact that they’re backed by the Vaillant Group is an added perk.