Grant- Oil and Biomass Boilers


Grant has been manufacturing boilers since 1978 from oil-fired condensing boilers through to the latest in renewable energy. Grant produce heating systems with built-in efficiency whilst reducing our carbon footprint. Ecological responsibility is pivotal to all that Grant do and they continue to innovate heating via natural resources

About the Company
An independent boiler manufacturer, Grant have specialised in oil and biomass heating systems for over four decades. An award-winning company that produce durable and efficient products

About Grant Boilers
Grant boilers offer efficiency and durability. They produce a range of biomass and oil boilers. The boiler range includes both interior and exterior boilers

Grant Range of Products
Grant produce Vortex Oil boilers, Biomass and Heat Pumps. Their range has won both consumer and industry awards

Grant is a well established recognised manufacturer of oil and biomass boiler products offering both interior and exterior options and combi or stand-alone systems.