Photocopier Pices

When looking at the cost of a photocopier, finding out how much you can expect to spend isn’t always as straightforward as you’d think. Many suppliers do not state prices on their websites, which makes it difficult to plan your budget. Additionally, lots of factors have an impact on price – a heavy-duty, high-volume workload photocopier with an emphasis on durability will inevitably be accompanied by a heftier expense. Machines designed to be robust and versatile will also be slightly more; it all depends on the demands of your office.

Inkjet Photocopiers (A4) (Colour and Mono)

Inkjet copiers are entry-level, black and white machines suitable for personal use, or for very small businesses/home businesses. These are usually low resolution machines that can sit on a desktop, which can make around 20CPM (copies per minute). Photocopiers of this grade can be bought for as little as £50, ranging to £200.

Laser Multifunctional Photocopier (A4) (Colour and Mono)

A laser multifunctional photocopier is still only suitable for smaller businesses and workspaces, but offers more features than the inkjet photocopiers. These features usually include printing, scanning and email services on top of copying. You can expect to spend around £300 on an A4 black and white multifunctional photocopier and £500 for colour, prices varying depending on the exact specifications.

A3 Desktop Photocopiers (Mono)

Black and white A3 desktop photocopiers usually have a copy speed of around 30 to 35CPM, which is sufficient for a smaller office or low volume workspace. These are usually multifunctional and are typically priced at around £350 to £600.

A3 Desktop Photocopiers (Colour)

Colour photocopiers of the same grade (A3 desktop machines suited for small business use) run at a slightly higher price, and you can expect to spend £1500 to £2000.

Floor Standing A3 Office Photocopiers (Mono)

Entry-level, freestanding black and white office photocopiers are suitable for small offices and typically have a copy speed of 30 to 40 CPM. The starting price for a machine with these specifications ranges from £800 to £3000.

Floor Standing A3 Office Photocopiers (Colour)

Floor standing A3 office photocopiers with the capacity to print and copy in colour are in the medium price band of photocopiers. These models tend to have a higher work rate of around 36 to 50 CPM, making them appropriate for medium sized offices and suitable for handling a heavier volume of work than the previous machines. The prices for this range start from around £3000 -£5000.

Production A3 High Volume Photocopiers (Mono)

These are industrial, comprehensive and professional machines that boast very high performance (60 CPM), suitable for large businesses. For a black and white A3 production, high volume photocopier, you can expect to spend at least £10,000.

Production A3 High Volume Photocopiers (Colour)

For high performance production photocopiers which can also copy in colour, prices start from around £20,000. These are appropriate for use by businesses which copy and print in bulk on a daily basis. These machines may offer other features, though some industrial photocopiers are single-function for efficiency, one example being finishing services. Production photocopiers make a lot of noise, and demand a room of their own the majority of the time. Prices can climb to as high as £100,000 for the most hardwearing machines, offering 100CPM.



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