Photocopier Prices

The chances are you landed on this page because of the frustration you’ve found getting a price for a photocopier online. Unfortunately many of the sellers of photocopiers won’t display prices. However, don’t despair we at 4Quotes4Me have studied the market for you and can give you a guide to what you should be paying on printer copier products.

Home Photocopiers

You can pay anything from £30 to £200 for a home use photocopier, this type of machine is often referred to as an All-In-One photocopier or printer and can usually copy, scan, print and sometimes fax as well. Technology is inkjet so cost per print is costly but the low purchase price for equipment make this the ideal choice for home based businesses.

Small Business Photocopiers

Surprisingly many small businesses are turning to inkjet as well with extremely attractive purchase prices for A3 machines and high speed inkjet printing. Running costs are usually higher than laser but if you balance that against the purchase prices of between £100 – £1000 overall expenditure can be lower for low volume customers.

Laser Photocopiers Low Volume Desktop

If your volume is too much for an inkjet solution then you may want to look at a desktop laser photocopier. These offer extremely low running costs and prices have come down too, ranging from £300 to £1500 and available in colour and monochrome. Features such as print, scan, fax are often modular and can cost extra.

Laser Office Photocopiers Medium Volume

Surprisingly there is very little price rise for medium volume copiers anymore since this is the most competitive market and we found 30+cpm (copies per minute) machines as low as £600 so our price range is £600 – £3000. There is very little difference in the price of monochrome over colour. Although black and white copiers do offer more effiecent running costs.

Laser Production Photocopiers High Volume

In our research this range of colour and black and white copiers proved to be the most illusive online. However some of the lesser known manufacturers were offering prices as low as £2000. In general expect to pay between £2000 – £5000 for monochrome and £2500 – £8000 for colour.

The price of photocopiers has come down considerably and the easiest way to ensure both quality and competitive pricing is to obtain an online quotation.



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