Telematics Vehicle Tracking

You may have already heard a bit about how installing a GPS vehicle tracker could save you money on your insurance. All of the insurance companies will now account for GPS tracking systems. You can also get telematics insurance, with the price of the tracker and installation included. There are many benefits of telematic vehicle tracking, and saving you money on your insurance premiums is one of the biggest.

Why Telematic Vehicle Tracking Systems?

GPS vehicle tracking systems are rising in popularity and frequency of use. In fact, some insurance companies will insist that you have a vehicle tracker installed as part of your policy. In some cases, the telematic vehicle tracker is crucial, or your insurance will not be valid. Today’s GPS technology is extremely sophisticated, and the data is more precise than ever. Telematics insurance utilises this highly-developed technology to collect data about your driving behaviour.

Telematic vehicle trackers included as part of insurance policies are similar to the black boxes used to record data about aircrafts. Young, new drivers particularly benefit from telematics insurance and the resultant lowering of their insurance premiums, since the rates of vehicle insurance if you are between the ages of 17 and 24 are so steep. The gender ruling introduced in December 2012 also facilitated a rise in people opting for telematics insurance.

What Exactly Do They Record?

Telematics data can be usually accessed online, and an overall driving score will be calculated. Some examples of specific data that the GPS vehicle tracker is able to detect and record are: braking, swerving, cornering, acceleration and the speed at which you are driving. You are only able to reap the benefits of reduced insurance premiums if you are given a good driving score. If you do not drive with care and have a telematics system fitted, your insurance premium could actually increase.

As well as saving drivers money, telematics vehicle tracking systems help to encourage safer driving practices with black box car insurance, and if a vehicle with a tracking system installed is stolen, you can use this to track down and locate it.

Who Benefits Most?

As mentioned previously, drivers between the ages of 17 and 24 have to pay extortionate insurance premiums, so telematics insurance is a good idea to cut down some of these costs. Drivers that are inexperienced could also benefit from telematics insurance, or infrequent drivers who have a very low annual mileage, or drivers with previous criminal convictions or driving convictions. However, it is worth mentioning that there is less value for telematics insurance if you are an older motorist, and it could even be more expensive than standard insurance depending on the company and your policy.

Telematics For Vehicles Is The Future

GPS telematic tracking systems have many different applications when it comes to vehicles. Lowered insurance premiums for drivers falling under certain categories is just scratching the surface. As the technology evolves and grows, there are more and more ways in which it can be implemented.



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