Solar Panel Benefits

With the significant cost associated with solar panels installation, it is only prudent to maximise the benefits that come with it. Solar power is entirely reliant on the sun’s heat. Photovoltaic solar panels convert this heat into energy which is then fed through your entire home powering different devices.

Depending on the output and your household need, this energy may be enough for all your utility needs. However, in most cases, home owners’ still find themselves dependent on electricity. The reason could be they are consuming more power than they consume or they are unaware of how to maximally utilise the solar power generated during the day.
To reap maxim benefits and enjoy reduced electric bills, here is how to utilise your solar power

1. Use Energy In The Day

The sun shines during the day providing the power needed for your home. At night, you cannot use solar power unless the energy saved on batteries. Be sure to do all your energy consuming activities such as washing, charging appliances, running the washing machine, refrigerator, air condition and more.
By doing all these in the day, you need very little energy for the night. You may need to alter your schedule such taking a warm bath/soak or vacuuming the house, doing laundry for daytime when the sun shines brightly. To be more energy efficient, run one appliance at a time. For instance, wait for vacuuming to be completely finished before you run the washing machine.

Besides routine activities, how you place your solar panels matters a lot. Make sure there is no shading or covering of the panels. The more direct sunlight they receive, the more their output. For mobile devices and gadgets, charging these during the day saves on energy needed to power these at night.

2. Install Solar Battery For Night Time Savings

Solar batteries are a life saver for the night. Since the sun is no longer shinning, the power stored in the batteries can be used. Having done the bulk of your energy needs during the day, you probably need power for lighting and running a few appliances such as TV and Refrigerator. Depending on the type and size of your battery, you can expect your home to be powered for 12 to 24 hours on solar power stored during the day.
Besides just powering your home in the night, solar batteries are the perfect backup plan in case of blackouts. Their lifespan is between five to fifteen years hence an added advantage to your solar panel installations.

Besides using more power during the day and having a backup battery for the bight, you will also need to be careful how you use your power. For example, turn off lights in rooms where they are not being used. Don’t leave your AC or heater on longer than it needs to be, switch off appliances and gadgets not in use or take less time in the bathroom.

These simple tips will help you be fully reliant on solar power eliminating the cost of power bills and enjoying the full benefits of solar power installation in your home.



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