HP – Copiers, Printers and Computers

HP CopiersHewlett-Packard (HP) was founded in 1939 in Palo Alto, California. Its name came from the surname of its founders and it originally started out selling electronic test equipment. In 2015 the company split into two divisions HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The HP division handles computers, printers and photocopiers.

HP are probably best known for there computers and offer notebook and desktop computers and were the world’s leading supplier up until 2013. HP Printers are also known worldwide where they are the market leader.

HP were another late entrant to the photocopier market and only command a small share of the MFP photocopier industry. However in 2016 they acquired Samsung Copier and Printer division in a deal worth $1.05 billion. HP announced at the time it would “disrupt and reinvent” the $55bn copier market that “hasn’t innovated in decades”.

Website: www.hp.com