Franking Features

With so much competition in the business world nowadays, it’s important that companies monitor their expenses, and regulate their productivity levels. You see, if a business can find a way to save both time, and money, they can place more focus on pushing ahead of their competitors. Now, a device that can help with that, is a digital franking machine.

Rather than utilising expensive postal services, a business could deal with all their postage needs in-house. Franking machines allow a company to apply up-to-date postage stamps to items quickly and easily, by connecting to the Royal Mail’s system. Although they’re designed to cut costs, they also possess many useful features…


A weighing scale is a vital component of any franking machine, and that’s because it allows a business to avoid any under, or overpayment. By placing an item onto the scale, the franking machine will be able to determine what stamp needs to be applied. Depending on the model, scales range from 2kg, all the way up to 35kg.

Smart Meter Technology

With so much technological advancements in recent years, there’s no surprise that franking machines have also benefitted from them. If a company needs to use a VAT service, they can simply access one on screen, and it is then recorded in smart blue ink. Businesses are then able to retrieve it via an invoice sent out by the Royal Mail.

Display Interface

If a digital franking machine has adopted smart meter technology, and also have many other clever features, then it will most likely have a display interface as well. This is an easy way to navigate through all of the options, and select the stamp that needs to be applied.

Feed Deck – Automatic or Manual Feeding System

This is the aspect of a franking machine that essentially does the most work. After weighing the items on the scale, an employee would just need to place it on the feed deck to be franked. Feed decks do vary in terms of thickness and in style; there could be a thickness capacity ranging from 6mm to 20mm, and also an automatic or manual style.

The Stacker

Once all of the items have been franked, they’ll accumulate on the stacker. This ensures that items don’t become damaged or scatter everywhere. But, some franking machines also come with a mailing bag.

Label Feed

If a business needs to place a stamp on a larger item, that can’t possible fit through the franking machine’s feed deck, then there’s an option to print a label off instead. All a business needs to do is weigh it as usual, then select print instead of pushing it through the feeder.

Analogue & LAN Connectivity

In order for a business to adhere to the Royal Mail’s rates, they must have a connection to be able to update them when necessary. Analog lines are amongst the most common as they’ve been used for so long. But, super-quick LAN lines are rapidly taking over.



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