Google Offices

Office Furniture can turn a drab working environment full of dull cubicles into a vibrant office that stimulates creativity. Instead of a stifling work space that reduces employees morale some Companies design fresh creative areas designed to attract an intelligent dynamic workforce. There are many ways a office can cater for its workers from in-house gyms to relaxing lounge areas where employees can reduce their stress levels. Offices are where we dedicate a large proportion of our time, and ideally should encourage creative thinking.

Combining stylish innovative design within the working office can create a feel good factor that keep staff motivated and productive. Some of the worlds leading companies have invested in their office space with unique, fun and original design. From slides to minimalist spacious areas the modern office takes many shapes and forms. Use your imagination to create unique and inspiring office design with the latest office furniture.

One tech company famous for it offices throughout the world is the search engine Google. From beanbags and slides, to chill out areas Google have been voted the best place to work multiple times by Fortune Magazine. The company offers a working environment that workers at other companies can only dream of. But for Google its good business sense too, attracting and sustaining individual employees with skills that are highly sought after.

When Mind Candy a gaming company moved its offices in London, they certainly didn’t forget the fun factor. With artificial grass, a 16ft dining table, a treehouse with slide their offices were featured in The Telegraph as Britain’s coolest office. The aim was to make people feel comfortable in their workplace.

When planning your office space and furniture Companies are encouraged to create an enjoyable, comfortable and creative workplaces that employees look forward to working in.



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