Internet Marketing Diverse Age

When considering internet marketing it’s important to fully understand the market your targeting. Today there are multiple companies that are competing for advertising business offering different ways to find customers. Connecting with potential clients has never been so competitive and a good strategy should apply multiple techniques to drive traffic to your site. This typically would include Email, Social Media, Search, Amazon and Video.

Email marketing correctly targeted should bring a click-through rate of between 3-4%. Using an email delivery service will ensure greater exposure and provide statistics for campaigns. Most companies rate email marketing as their most effective channel. The DMA reports for every £1 invested in email marketing an average of £38 return on investment.

Social Media Marketing plays a very important role in building a brand. With Facebook influencing consumers choice of purchase by over 50% its good business to have a social media strategy. Targeted advertising using demographics can boost your presence online and whilst ROI is still a moderate 1% a powerful social media profile can help create positive discussion on brands. Twitter and Linkedin offer more opportunity to reach a greater audience and handle negative feedback when necessary.

Search Marketing continues to grow year on year and is dominated by Google with over 77% share of the market. However much of the growth in search has been on mobile devices. Marketers should be aware that mobile traffic converts presently at a third of the rate of a desktop so bids should be adjusted accordingly. Whilst Google claims the lion’s share of traffic Bing offers a greater conversion rate. Bing including AOL and Yahoo, show an impressive average of 3.4% conversion, double that of Google.

Amazon is now the first choice for shopping by over 55% of online buyers. E-commerce is dominated by Amazon and they do offer a number of options to sell on their platform. The good news is its commission based so there is no outlay for advertising as there is on Social or Search. However, commissions can be high and leave little margin for the supplier.

Video can be a great way to reinforce your brand and gain exposure to new audiences. Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world. As well as reinforcing a brand name, popular uploads are shared across multiple platforms, create the right advert and it could go viral.

These are just a few of the popular ways to promote your website to a wider audience. A good marketing campaign would cover multiple strategies.



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