Interquartz – Telephone Systems for Business


At Interquartz, the mission is quite straightforward: to design and manufacture high quality, affordable telephone systems that fulfil all the needs a business could possibly have. Interquartz phones are well trusted in the business world, and are the product of choice for a wide range of industry markets, including the Corporate, Financial and Health sectors.

About the Company

Interquartz was established in 1980 as a marketing company, and then evolved into the brand it is today. Interquartz boasts cost-effective telephone system solutions without sacrificing quality for price, making their systems a very popular choice for businesses.

In fact, Interquartz systems are the choice for the Corporate, Financial, Health, Government, Educational, Industrial, Hotel/Hospitality and SME/SoHo market sectors. Interquartz headquarters are based in Bury, Lancashire, UK, but serves international markets including Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

The distinctive and recognisable quality of Interquartz telephones make them stand out from competitors, and their reliability and affordability means they are an ideal investment for professional organisations who depend heavily on good communication devices.

About the Phone Systems

Interquartz has a range of different telephone system solutions to meet your business’ size, needs and budget. All of their products are extremely well constructed and made of the highest quality materials.

Some of the features that make Interquartz phones stand out are: thick, durable and high quality plastic, high quality handset cord (and components), amplified headset ports for excellent audio, an inductive couple in every telephone to make them compatible for hearing aid users, double injection moulded keys to ensure numbers never fade and expensive silicone rubber feet to keep your phone in place on your desk.