Jabra – Phone Systems, Wireless Headsets and Headphones


Jabra is a global company with a specialty in designing and manufacturing advanced, intelligent audio solutions. Jabra provides headsets for call centres, sports headphones and business headsets, among other products, with some of the most useful and efficient features on the market.

About the Company

Jabra was founded in 1993 and its headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since its inception, they have been a choice for professionals needing high quality audio equipment and accessories to ensure clear, smooth communication happens within their businesses. Jabra has a unique understanding of what is required to create state-of-the-art audio solutions for its customers, and this reflects in the quality of their products.

Jabra products are specifically engineered to give users the best sound experience, whether that is for phone calls, music or other audio transmissions. Their headsets and headphones are unrivalled and ideal for office use, or for recreational purposes.

Jabra is a part of the larger GN Group that was established nearly 150 years ago, and all of their products have hundreds of hours of research and engineering invested in them. This means you can be confident that Jabra products are some of the best on the market, as it is all part of their design.

About the Phone Systems

Jabra offers a range of sound solutions for telephone systems through its high quality products. Their selection includes noise-cancelling headsets, high definition headsets, wireless earbuds, fitness tracking sports headphones utilising some of the latest modern technology, and more.

The excellent sound quality is perfect for making important calls, and there are headsets with enhanced features designed to help users collaborate or concentrate. Disruptive background noises can be filtered out with noise-cancelling products, and Jabra provides some of the most innovative audio products and business solutions available.

Website: www.jabra.co.uk