JPL Telecom – Telephone Systems and Headsets


JPL Telecom is a professional provider of telephone system headsets for businesses of all different sizes. JPL has been designing and manufacturing telecommunications solutions since its establishment in 2004, and its products are a strong alternative to the brand leaders on the market.

About the Company

JPL Telecom was founded in 2004 and its headquarters are in Dorset, UK. They produce British designed and manufactured telecommunications items for resellers. As well as supplying retailers with professional quality telephone headsets and telecom products, they offer branding and business services for headset manufacturers.

JPL headsets are state-of-the-art quality at a fair, affordable price. JPL Telecom values making ordering straightforward and simple for its customers, and there is comprehensive customer support available along the way. JPL’s own dedicated account team are also on hand for support, and the company values helping you on your way to success.

About the Phone Systems

JPL Telecom offers a wide range of headset products that are great value for retailers and for the end user. Their selection includes wireless headsets, wired headsets, bottom leads, EHS cables and other accessories. JPL has products suitable for small offices, call centres, and professional scale offices. JPL Telecom offers unified communications solutions with a difference.

Wireless headsets allow users freedom to move around the office as they take calls, make communications or collaborate with their colleagues. JPL also has its own online compatibility checker tool to make sure that the headset will work with your phone or device. JPL products have diverse applications for businesses and the hands free technology simplifies the whole process.